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Course preview

The course preview was a success, with a small group of runners (5 runners) we sucessfully completed the 13.1 mile course from the competitor track to coldwater trail.   I was able to see the entire logistics of the race, water stations, access roads, signage and more.

The course it self I thought it was great, from the start you get right into a hill that last about half a mile, but once at the top you get to see the entire mountain range.

From this point on you will get on a great trail going down hill, flat trail and some rolling hills. This type of course will maintain all the way until mile 9.  At mile mile you will face another hill that its about .30 miles long, from there you have a clear shot to the finish line.

There a few locations between mile 8 and 9 that the trail is rough so caution will be require when reaching these locations.

Overall the course is very dual able for experience and new runners.

If you would like to join us for the 10K course preview follow us on our Facebook page so you can join us.

Race Location

Happy to announce that we have secured the race location for December 2nd 2017.  We are very excited about the course we are preparing for all our runners.

We will be going on a test run this week, we will be posting photos and some short videos.